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Movie Trailer & Review : Safe House

The success achieved by the action thriller film Snabba Cash (2010) - that his remake version is now being prepared by Hollywood with Zac Efron as the main star - providing opportunities for Swedish director, Daniel Espinosa, to spread its wings to the American film industry. Espinosa's name then became hot commodities for many Hollywood producers for consideration as a director of several blockbuster movies that they will produce. Could be a strong candidate for directing X-Men: First Class (2011), Espinosa directorial debut finally makes his Hollywood films through the Safe House, an action thriller film starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. Unfortunately, the Safe House is unlikely to increase the credibility of the guidance capabilities that will be obtained by Espinosa. In spite of the rapid rhythm of the story and the tension that is able to offer along the way the story presented, Safe House looks like a mediocre film with the fabric of the story is cliche and very easy to predict.

Safe House itself tells about the life of the two main characters are ultimately interconnected, Tobin Frost (Washington) and Matt Weston (Reynolds). Frost is a former CIA agent who is now the most powerful being a fugitive since the alleged world of international intelligence has done a variety of manipulations that eventually killed several other secret agents. Meanwhile, Weston is a home security guard who was trying to get a new position to his boss, David Barlow (Brendan Gleeson), in order to fit in with her lover, Nora Arnezeder (Ana Moreau), who just got a job in Paris, France. Frost and Weston will soon find themselves engaged in a conspiracy that will endanger their lives.

Includes a lot of intelligence into the world, including U.S. intelligence, of course, is a very surprising when Frost finally chose to enter the United States Consulate office in Cape Town, South Africa. Then he finally secured by the CIA and taken to a house guarded by Weston security. When going through the interrogation process, a group of unidentified men entered the house and attacked the security and tried to kidnap Frost. Frost finally carried away by the Weston - Weston is then precisely placed as a target for the few people long targeted since Frost's life. Does that make Frost crime he hunted so many people? Is Frost really guilty? Whether Weston was set up? That's a row of question then fill in the telling line of the Safe House.Unfortunately, despite efforts to bring the row of Daniel Espinosa action scenes are stunning - quite a lot of scenes involving explosions, chases in the streets between the highway to combat weapons of the character - Safe House story script written by David Guggenheim still feels' too familiar 'with the story plot is presented. Safe House is often felt as a film that combines a lot of plot-themed films together into a single fabric of the story that led to some who tried to twist and surprises presented in this film becomes so easy to predict by the audience.

Guggenheim deepening given character to the characters in the storyline presented in the Safe House also feels shallow. Tobin Frost character, portrayed as a figure of a former CIA agent most powerful and so manipulative, never given a chance to convince the audience about the ability of what she had to get a nickname. Some of the supporting characters are also clearly feels is present only as a direct object, a complementary arrangement of scenarios without ever really giving berrati influence the storyline. Shallowness of the characterization of some supporting characters also make a surprise to be presented at the end of the story does not mean at all. Failed to trigger a real big surprise is expected to come from the audience.

Meanwhile, both Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds is able to provide play-acting their best to revive the role in which they live. In fact, acting Reynolds presented in this film is probably the best acting performances ever he presents for a long time past. Other acting talents, such as Vera Farmiga, Brendan Gleeson, and Joel Kinnaman and Fares Fares are taken from Snabba Cash Espinosa, unfortunately, often feels like a waste of talent that could provide additional value of its own when presented with the deepening of a sharper. Even so, the department's acting Safe House should be able to present solid and recognized without complaint means.

Those who witnessed the Safe House in order to feel the intensity of the action scenes involving the characters played by Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds are not likely to feel so disappointed. Daniel Espinosa is able to present a row of high-quality action scenes that can be present with the intensity of the tension that is so well preserved. Unfortunately, the text of a story that feels less original Safe House is often made too easy to guess and to be so cliche. Layout and production departments of a solid acting to make the Safe House is still worth to glance. However, besides these advantages, the Safe House will be the only other release that would be so easily forgotten over time.

Directed by Daniel Espinosa Produced by Scott Stuber Written by David Guggenheim Starring Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Vera Farmiga, Brendan Gleeson, Sam Shepard, Rubén Blades, Nora Arnezeder, Robert Patrick, Liam Cunningham, Joel Kinnaman, Fares Fares, Sebastian Roché, Jake McLaughlin, Nicole Sherwin, Robert Hobbs Music by Ramin Djawadi Cinematography Oliver Wood Editing by Rick Pearson Studio Universal Pictures/Relativity Media/Stuber Pictures/Intrepid Pictures/Moonlighting Films Running time 117 minutes Country United States Language English

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