Monday, February 20, 2012

Movie Trailer & Review : Undefeated

A Caucasian, volunteer soccer coach with the patience of the holy mentor Americans downtown African slums, dirt-poor high school in North Memphis, the change in their dog program for sustainable state-champion competitor. Cast Denzel Washington and Billy Bob Thornton in the same story and we will all be rolling our eyes at the audacity simply a matter of obvious clich├ęs. You will not find it defeated the same way, though, because everything described above, which actually happened. And it is inspiring.

Just in time for the Oscars, which will air on February 26, The Weinstein Company has obtained Daniel Lindsay and TJ Martin unbeaten documentary Oscar nominations for the theater so the public can judge for yourself if the underdog sports drama worthy of the nomination (and probably win).

I truly believe that this is justified. Working within the base model doomed-but-not-sports-movie, the song bulldog trainers undefeated players on the values ​​to the team in front of each issue. He taught them to heart, in characters. He helped the boy become a man in difficult circumstances. And every once in a while they played soccer.

This sport is not top dog in Manassas High West Tennessee. In fact, the curriculum sad did not win a single playoff game since Manassas was founded in 1899. Coach Bill Courtney challenged the senior management in order to: Buy in the system, and it will release those elusive playoff win.

So many obstacles came from the social and economic pressures of the outside world. OC Brown, a bear of a right tackle who has a problem in class, taken by coach Courtney so he can be taught, and we sigh as invincible unfortunately reflects the heavy hand of The Blind Side. Then, after a match, the police had to be in the midfield and prevent teams to shake hands for fear of riots. It was horrible.

But there are some obstacles in the team itself. The focus eventually became Chavis defeated Daniels, a junior back in the team after serving in juvenile detention. He gave Courtney the greatest challenges to fight with his teammates, coaches ... anyone within striking distance. Courtney will not give up a child in difficulty, a physical beast with personal problems are just as great. It is in these interactions with their students the most difficult as you realize that you probably can not do what Courtney did not, and probably will not even try.

Are they going undefeated? No, it's not a spoiler alert because, like Courtney may agree, is not statistically significant. These people have won a few games in the field, but I learned a valuable lesson concerns the nature of it. And then I know he will agree, this is a victory.

Invincible is an emotional journey. But other than the universal human element, which alone is worth the price of admission, it is simply unbeatable shapely sports drama. Lindsay and Martin has compiled an impressive in-game sports photography that rival ESPN or Fox Sports. Changing their tight ramps up the tension in the area, and the dance rhythms of film and fiber core urban North Memphis track armor and pictures Lindsay Martin. Sports fans will be swept into the team's progress. Non-sports fans will buy into this struggle children face at school and at home.

In this case, can be regarded as complete an undefeated season of Friday Night Lights now defunct. And for fans of the program, the news does not get much better.

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